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From: Bob McAvoy
Founder LearnToBuildCatapults.com


Hello fellow hurler and backyard ballistics fan!

Are you a parent looking to spend some quality time with your kids building a fun project?

Or a student looking for information for a science fair or school project?

Or maybe you’re just a regular guy like me who likes to have some weekend fun with your buddies.

Whatever your situation, you are here because you want to build a catapult, and don’t know how. At this point you probably have more questions than answers. What things do you need to know before you get started?

Build a catapult
What parts do you need, and what should your choice of construction materials be?

Where can you get plans for building your catapult?

What should your cost be, based on the project you select?

How do you build and maintain a quality siege engine that won’t fall apart when fired?

What type and size catapult should you build?

How do you fire a catapult?


If you are seeking answers to any of these questions then you have come to the right place. I will soon show you how you can get answers to ALL of you questions about building a catapult. But before we continue, let me tell you a little about myself.

My name is Bob McAvoy and I have been a fan of medieval weaponry and siege engines for many years.

I have enjoyed backyard ballistics for just as long and have fired anything from giant slingshots to potato cannons, but when it comes to hurling interesting objects long distances, nothing is more fun than a catapult.

I understand the many questions you may have about building catapults. Not too long ago I was in the same position myself.

I spent weeks researching information on the internet and at the local library and countless hours compiling the data. Through this research, and many hours of trial and error, I have developed a solution to your problem.

There is definitely a right way and wrong way to build a catapult. I will show you the RIGHT way to do it.


If you want to learn how to build a catapult,

here’s exactly what you need to know:


Exactly what parts and materials you will need, so you’re not running back and forth to the store.build this catapult

Where to get plans and designs for your catapult.

What will the project cost?

What size and type catapult should you build?

Proper construction techniques and maintenance.

How do you fire a catapult?

Answers to all of your questions, all in one place!

What is the best type of material to use? Should you use wood or PVC?

What parts and hardware you need and where to get them.

How to build a basic catapult using cheap household materials.

Where to find well written plans. Easy to follow instructions with diagrams and pictures are included to help you through the entire process, start to finish.

Plans for different types and sizes of catapults, including trebuchets and ballistas. Build a small desktop model or a large backyard model. Also included are basic plans for beginners. Construct basic catapults using everyday household items. The choice is yours!

Trebuchet, ballista, or onager? Large or small? Save time and money by determining what kind of catapult you want to build before you start your project. Whatever you decide, we have the plans for it!

What are the best construction materials for building a catapult?

How to build a catapult that won’t fall apart when fired. Step by step instructions to guide you start to finish so you won’t have to “fix” it once it’s finished.

What kind of maintenance do catapults require? Find out how to keep your catapult operating smoothly.

How to properly fire a catapult and what to do if your catapult won't fire. Learn about the operation of the firing mechanism for safest use.

What safety precautions should you take when using a catapult? What kind of safety gear will you need?

How to adjust your firing angle for greater accuracy. This is helpful if you are planning on using your catapult in hurling competitions.

Whatever it is you want to know about catapults and how to build a catapult you'll find it here! Get answers to ALL of your questions.


Exactly what parts and materials you will

need to build a catapult. Save time

and money by planning ahead.

Time is money. So why waste it making multiple trips to the store? Our parts lists will let you know exactly what you need to build your catapult. Get your parts in 1 trip! Detailed parts lists let you know exactly what you need before you ever leave the house!

Prevent over-spending by costing out your project before you begin. Complete parts lists will be included so you’ll know exactly what you need before you begin your project.

What are the best materials for building a catapult? Wood is best, but PVC can be used as a lightweight, cheaper alternative.

Where to get plans and designs for your catapult,

without wasting time searching for them.


Plans will be included for many types and sizes of catapults, saving you the hassles, and time spent looking for them yourself.

What size and type catapult should you build? Large or small, we've got a catapult for you to build. Whether you want to hurl marbles or pumkins we have a catapult for you!

Plans for smaller catapults and catapults that can be made from everyday household items are included. These are great projects for younger kids!



How to fire a catapult safely, and accurately.

Proper construction techniques to

ensure failure free operation.


Improper construction can cause poor performance, misfires, and potential safety hazards. These construction techniques will ensure a functional, safe catapult.

Safety is the most important thing when operating catapults. Included are tips on operating a catapult safely, and what safety gear you will need.

Proper firing techniques are covered. This includes how to adjust the firing angle for greater accuracy.

Find Out How To Build A Fully Functional

And Safe Catapult Now!


By now you are probably wondering what it is that I have to offer and how much it’s going to cost. I’ll tell you in a moment but first let me remind you of why you should choose my product.

Save weeks of your time doing research. I literally spent weeks of my time searching the internet, visiting the local libraries, and talking to other people about how to build catapults. Who wants to spend so much time searching the net or the local library for this information? Why waste your time when I’ve already done the research for you?

Save more time and money by getting all the right parts the first time. Save yourself gas and multiple trips to the store by knowing exactly what you need before you start your project. Complete parts lists are provided so you'll know exactly what you need to build your catapult.

Find what you need in one place. Multiple plans are included so you’ll have many options to choose from. Large or small, we've got a catapult for you to build.

Catapults are fun! Build yourself a small indoor model and use it to throw treats to your dog, or hurl marshmallows at unsuspecting family members. Build a larger outdoor catapult and surprise your neighbor with a water balloon fired from several houses away. For those who are serious about their catapults, try organizing a competition for distance and accuracy. The possibilities are endless!

I have taken all of the data from my research and compiled it into a MASSIVE eBook that you can download in the next few minutes. You can be on your way to building your first catapult within minutes of downloading this eBook.

I am proud to introduce...


"Catapult Construction A-Z."


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Once you download your copy of my exclusive eBook, "Catapult Construction A-Z" you'll discover EXACTLY what you need to know about how to build a catapult. Included will be plans for different types and sizes of catapults, so you'll have many choices for your catapult.

Get all this and much more for the low price of just $19.95! That’s a small price to pay considering the amount of time and effort you will save by purchasing my eBook “Catapult Construction A-Z”.

You can download this eBook in the next few minutes and be on your way to building your first catapult! To make this offer even better, the following bonuses will be included at no additional cost to you:


Bonus #1

Catapult Ammunition Guide
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A complete guide on the types of ammunition to use with your catapult. Don’t know what to hurl? This guide will help you decide. Learn about all kinds of fun things to launch with your catapult. From fruits and vegetables to tennis balls and water balloons, there isn't much you can't fling with a catapult. Know what kind of accuracy and distance you will achieve based on the type of ammunition you use.

Bonus #2:

History Of The Catapult
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A complete chronological timeline of the history of the catapult. From the earliest, bow powered catapults used in 399 B.C. to trebuchet’s used in 1521 by Hernando Cortez during the Conquest of Mexico, you’ll learn the evolution of siege weapons throughout history. This fully illustrated timeline is filled with interesting facts about catapults.

Bonus #3:

Catapult Finishing Guide
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How to paint and style your catapult. Want to Jazz up your catapult once it's finished? Here's a guide on how to finish your catapult, from primer and paint to customizing your catapult. Add that special touch with a custom paint job. Learn how with this guide.

Bonus #4:
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Catapult Construction

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Happy Hurling!

Bob McAvoy
Founder: Learn To Build Catapults.com


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